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Yamaha Reproduction Master Cylinder

A great replacement Master cylinder.

No need to battle a rebuild

  • 5/8 Piston

  • 10 mm x 1.25 banjo thread pitch

  • 10mm R/H thread mirror hole

  • Complete with lever.

  • Clamps onto a 7/8 bar


  • XS1, XS1B, XS2

  • RD250, RD350

  • TX500, XS 500

  • TX650, XS650 72'-76'

  • Any single disc front brake.

$129.95 (HVC200109-1)


Yamaha Reproduction Brake Caliper

A great replacement brake caliper.

No need to battle a rebuild

This Caliper is set up to accept the Hard line. We can modify the caliper to accept a banjo bolt type fitting.

(Add the mod to the cart along with the caliper)

  • Universal for right or left side. Front  or rear.

  • 10 mm x 1.0 banjo thread pitch

  • Decal and hardware included

  • Complete with general use brake pads and shims.

  • Replaces Yamaha PN

  • 306-25810-0A-00

  • 533-25810-12-00

  • 1A1-25810-51-00


RD250 1975 F
RD350 1973-75 F
RD400 1976-78 F/R
TX500 1973-74
TX650 1973-74
TX750 1973-74
XS1 /XS2 Disk Brake
XS500 1975
XS650 1975-76
TZ250 1976-78, 81-82, 96
TZ350 1976-77
TZ750 1974

$175.00 (HVC200139)


Caliper Modify

Includes banjo bolt and washers

$10.00 (HVC200139-MOD)


Click Image to Enlarge

We have put a economical replacement brake master cylinder kit together.
Brake light switch and 10 x 1.0 banjo bolt included
Great replacement for the RD400.
  • 13mm piston diameter
  • Alloy body master cylinder
  • Nylon fluid reservoir
  • Threaded for brake light switch (Switch included)
  • Outlet thread M 10 x 1 (Banjo bolt with washers included)
  • Great for single disc brake applications
  • Made in Germany
$114.99  (HVC200109)
HVCcycle has developed a replacement rear master kit for the RD400 1976-1979
Click Images to Enlarge
The original rear master cylinder on the RD400 will corrode internally causing deep pits. Even with a new rebuild kit the master cylinder with bypass brake fluid and fail to build up pressure to actuate the brake caliper.
Our replacement kit is a bolt on bleed and go. It comes with all the hardware to bolt it  on to the frame.  Includes a banjo bolt micro switch ready to plug into the existing wire harness, and a reservoir hose  
The master cylinder is a Magura unit with a 16mm piston that is found on modern day BMW rear brakes.  It works great with the RD400 brake lever push rod.
The adapter bracket is made from aircraft quality aluminum and anodized black to match the frame.  
Slight Modification of the bracket is needed for use on the RD400F Daytona.
$220.99 (HVC200220)
Magura Master Cylinder Repair Kit
For the above master cylinder kit.
$58.95 (0317249)

Brake Pads & Shoes



Each kit contains seals to rebuild one caliper.

Picture shown above is 856-W0047-00-00

RD250 1975 F
RD350 1973-75 F
RD400 1976-78 F/R
TX500 1973-74
TX650 1973-74
TX750 1973-74
XS1 /XS2 Disk Brake
XS500 1975
XS650 1975-76
TZ250 1976-78, 81-82, 96
TZ350 1976-77
TZ750 1974
$24.95ea (856-W0047-00-00)




RD400F 1979 F/R
XS400 (S, SH) 1980-81 F
XJ650 (G, H, J, K) 1980-83 F
XS750 (SE, SF) 1978-79
XV750 (H, J, K, MK) 1981-83 F
XV850 (LG, LH, SG, SH) 1980-81 F
XV920 (K, MK) 1983 F
XJ1100J 1982 R
XS1100LG 1980 F
XS1100LH 1981 R
XS1100 (SF, SG, SH) 1979-81 F

$17.39ea (32-1605)

RZ 350 Front Piston with Seals
$82.95ea (4X8-W0057-00-00)
1 kit needed per caliper
RZ350 Rear seal kit
$10.99ea (4XV-W0047-50-00)


RZ350 Rear seal kit with pistons
$125.99ea (26H-W0057-00-00)
1 kit needed per caliper


RD350LC Front seal kit
$44.95ea (4L0-W0047-01-00)





RD350 1973-75
RD400 1976-78 (Front)
XS1/ XS2 1970-72
XS650B 1975-76
TX500 1973-74
TX650 1973-74
TZ125G 1980
$88.99  (1A0-W0041-00-00)

    Master Cylinder Rebuild kits include seals, spring, and plunger
RD400F Daytona Front '79-'80 
Available at www.hvccycle.net only
RD400/F Rear 14mm '76-'79 
Available at www.hvccycle.net only
RZ350 Rear  K&L Brand
$40.64 (32-4021)

RZ350, RD350LC  Fwd K&L Brand


$39.13 (32-1480)


Yamaha RD/R5/DS7 Rear Drum


  • DS7/R5 1970-1972

  • RD250/350 1973-1975

  • RD350LC 1980-1982

  • most any Yamaha with a rear drum brake

$10.95  (12-0001)

Yamaha RD400 Front Disc Brake Switch

Replaces (1A0-83980-30-00)

$35.93 (26H-83980-00-00)

Yamaha R5/DS7/ Front Drum

Mounts on the front brake perch



Banjo Bolt Brake Micro Switch

  • 14mm hex, M10x1.00 or M10x1.25 thread.

  • wire terminals included

    (20-01011-52) 10x1.0mm

    (20-01012-52) 10x1.25mm


    Select Thread Pitch
Yamaha RD 400 Rear Brake Reservoir Hose  

Yamaha has discontinued another part.
Replacement  Reservoir hose made to withstand all brake fluids.
Made to the correct size for the Yamaha rear master cylinder. Fits correct in the spring.
OD = .315in ID = .118in
$3.99 per ft (HVC20097)

Reservoir Hose Spring

Click to enlarge

$6.99 (90501-10406)


Yamaha RD Front Brake Master Cylinder Boot
Fits all RDs

$8.75 (HVC20055)
Brake Caliper Decals
Pressure sensitive adhesive backing.
 Replica of the OEM die-cut aluminum decal  .

$8.00 (HVC20087)

Brake Plate Inspection Plug


  • RD250/350 drum brake with the hole

  • Numerous other Yamahas

$4.90 (90480-10068-00)


Reservoir Cap Diaphragm
1973-1975 Yamaha round front brake master cylinders.
1976-1978 RD400 rear brake reservoir
$7.50  (HVC20073)
Reservoir Diaphragm Bushing

Use with the brake diaphragm PN HVC20073



Yamaha RD 400 Rear Brake Reservoir

Over time the original reservoir becomes old and brittle and will start to leak.

$17.81 (HVC200100)

Master Cylinder Cover
The original plain black or black/silver decal covers are no longer available
This is a great replacement
  • Fits 73-75 Front Master Cylinder
  • 76-78 Rear Master Cylinder

$20.00 (HVC20072)

Brake Caliper Bleeder Cap
Replace loose, torn or missing bleeder caps
$3.25 ea  (HVC20082)


Disc Brake and Carrier Lock Tabs

Brake rotor to carrier lock tabs
All RD disc brakes, XS, TX, and more.
8 required for each disc. HVC reproduction item.
(small tab in picture)
$14.99 set of 8 (90215-06106-00)
Disc carrier to hub lock tabs
All RD disc brakes, XS, TX, and more
3 required  (Large)
$4.98ea (341-25412-00)


Brake Pad Anti Vibration Shims

Set of 2

Fits the following

RD250 1975 F
RD350 1973-75 F
RD400 1976-78 F/R
TX500 1973-74
TX650 1973-74
TX750 1973-74


XS1 /XS2 Disk Brake
XS500 1975
XS650 1975-76
TZ250 1976-78, 81-82, 96
TZ350 1976-77
TZ750 1974

$5.00 (HVC200138)