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Suzuki GT Fuel Petcock Reseal Kits

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Kit contains all the necessary O-rings and seals to reseal one fuel petcock
  1. The four hole seal behind the selector
  2. The bowl seal
  3. The seal between the petcock and the spacer
  4. The seal between the spacer and the tank
  5. The lever selector seal
  6. The small diaphragm seal
  7. Two fiber washers for under the bolt heads
1975 and up
Suzuki GT750 Lemans 
Suzuki GT550 Indy 
Suzuki GT500 Titan
Suzuki GT380 Sebring
GT250 A&B model only
Applies to vacuum petcock with the diaphragm housing located on the INSIDE OF THE PETCOCK vs on the front of the petcock


Early model Suzuki GT Petcock Repair Kit

    • 1974 and earlier
    • Early model GT vacuum petcocks
    • Four hole seal OD = 25mm
    • Petcock has a small bowl