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HVCcycle has been  working hard to bring you an all new exhaust system for the  RZ350 


Yamaha RZ350 1983-1985

We did not cut corners with this exhaust,  this is a top of the line street and race ready exhaust system.


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  • Looks great and performs even better
  • Chamber Designed by the world Famous Tommy Crawford and Hydro formed for maximum horsepower
  • Tapered head pipes
  • Power range from around 5500RPM to 10500RPM, Smooth, Even, and Strong!
  • Ability to be used with stock foot pegs or rear sets
  • Silencers that are easy to remove and repack.
  • Silencers made from 100% aluminum to save weight. they attach with 3 bolts to a flange. Seals are included to prevent leaking.
  • If your worried about the neighbors then these are the pipes you need!
  • HVCcycle's Performance Exhaust has a smooth sound with a mellow exhaust note.
  • High temp satin black powder coated exhaust,  Will hold up to the RZ350 exhaust temps.
  • Exhaust sets include flanges, springs, and silencers. Mounts to the same location as the stock exhaust using the same mounting hardware.
  • Center stand and the side stand can be used, NO MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED!
  • Dont Forget a spring installation tool, you will never use a vice grip again (click here)
  • World wide shipping available
  • Exhaust Flange gaskets recommended (not included)
  • "The best performing RZ350 pipes I have experienced"  Brad, hvccycle.

$800.00 for the set.

Yamaha RZ350 1983-1985  Yamaha RD350 YPVS
Available in Black only
$800.00 for the set of two

Dyno Jet Kit

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Exhaust Gasket
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RZ350 Exhaust, Customer Videos

2- Stroke Silencers

  • The same silencers we use on our HVCcycle Performance Exhaust

  • 62mm (2 7/16) round. Body is 260mm (10.25 inches) long, Small singer is 80mm (3 1/8inch) long

  • All aluminum construction except for the mounting flange.

  • Mounting flange is Steel with a 25.4mm (1 inch) ID so it can be welded on to your exhaust stinger.  Attaches to the silencer with 3 Allan head bolts.

  • Silencers are rebuilable

$100.00ea (NH-004-01A)

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