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Universal Bushing

  • This grommet is in a lot of places on RD's
  • Applications include:
    • Rear fender (2)
    • Batt box (1)
    • Tool holder (1)
    • Oil tank (2)
    • Taillight bracket (1)
  • OEM Part Number 90480-14023 or 839-7731-00

$4.25ea (HVC20043)

Universal Bushing Metal Insert

Replace the rusted or missing Inserts with new.

Used with the universal bushing pictured to the left

$1.25ea (HVC20043-1)


Forward Fuel Tank Mount Dampers

$15.00 (HVC20054)


Oil Injection Fill Cap with Gasket

$17.50 (HVC20079)

Oil Injection Cap Gasket

Gasket only
Tail Light Damper Kit

Includes both rubber dampers for the rear taillight bracket

$8.15  (HVC20080)



Amber or Red

Threaded stud mounted reflectors

$13.99 ea  (HVC20053 Amber, HVC20053-1 Red)


Oil Injection Line and Clips

Oil Line
$5.50 ea (HVC20060)
Oil Line Clips
$4.25 ea  (HVC20058)


Oil Tank Level View Glass
  • Reproduction item

  • OEM part # 168-27433-10 or 360-21761-00

  • Replace your leaking or clouded over view glass.

$25.95 (360-21761-00)


Yamaha Crankcase Breather

$6.49 (583-15371-00-00)



Rear Foot Peg

3 Options

Rubber Only
$5.00  (HVC20069)
Chrome Peg
$10.00 (HVC20070)
Foot Peg Assembly
$15.00 (HVC20071)


Oil Injection Pump Re-Seal Kit

1. Three internal pump seals, Large and small.
2. Engine side cover seal
3. Pump to side cover mating gasket and body gasket

$32.99 (HVC200103)



Oil Injection Pump Block Off Plate

  • Use this kit when you remove the oil injection pump to run Pre-mix.

  • Block off plate is made from 0.080 inch aluminum that has been laser cut to the exact size of the oil pump mating surface.

  • Includes the Plate and a gasket.

$9.99 (HVC200111)


Yamaha Chain Tensioner Bolt Set

Replacement Chain Tensioner

Includes: Two - 8 x 1.25 x 5mm bolts with a 10mm head
Two-8 x 1.25 nuts 12mm wrench

Two Bolt Sets Per Package

$5.99 (HVC200121)


Brake Plate Inspection Plug


  • Drum brake with the hole

  • Numerous other Yamahas

$4.90 (90480-10068-00)



Handle Bar Wire Tie
  • Get the authentic restoration look you need
  • Replace worn, faded, cracked or missing ties

$3.50 ea  (HVC20081) 


Seat Hinge Clevis Pins

$11.99 (HVC20056)
Clevis Pin Clips
Set of Two
(some DT models do not require the clips)
$2.50 (HVC20056-1)


Billet Aluminum Fork Caps
Click Here
Billet Aluminum Fork Caps
Click Here
Yamaha RD Billet Aluminum Dip Stick

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

  • Fully CNC machined handle and stem.

  • Stem made from stainless steel.

  • Handle has safety wire holes, knob is clear anodized, and includes o-ring.

  • Replaces Yamaha O.E.M. part number: 360-15363- 01-00 & 278-15363-00-00

  • Applications

    • 70-72 R5, 71-72 DS

    • 73-75 RD250, RD350

    • 76-79 RD400

    • 70-73 RT1 / RT2 / RT3

    • 72-73 DT2 / DT3

    • 73-74 TZ250 / TZ350

    Click Here

Yamaha Reproduction Mirrors

  • 4" Round chrome reproduction mirrors
  • Original mirrors were getting so hard to find we took maters in our own hands and had them reproduced.
  • Almost an exact copy of the original, we could not copy the tuning fork emblem, some legal kind of thing.
  • Sold as a set of 2, one right hand mirror and one left hand mirror.   The right mirror has Left hand threads
  • Replaces Yamaha Part Numbers  341-26290-10-00 (Left) and 341-26290-01-00 (right)


  • 1974-1976 Yamaha DT100
  • 1974-1976 Yamaha DT125
  • 1974-1976Yamaha DT175
  • 1975-1977 Yamaha DT250
  • 1975-1977 Yamaha DT400
  • 1976- 1980 Yamaha XT500
  • Will also fit other Yamahas

$29.99 (HVC20089)

Yamaha Fuel Petcock

Reproduction Petcock

Comes with new base seal.

Fit many Yamahas, see the application list

Replaces Yamaha Part Numbers





$49.91 (18-4171)


Instrument Bulb Holder

  • No longer available from Yamaha
  • HVC reproduction item,
  • Direct plug in or splice in where needed
  • High quality molded rubber.
  • Fits all Yamaha's from 1970 to the late 80's
$5.99ea (360-83131-03-00)