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Universal Bushing

  • This grommet is in a lot of places on RD's
  • Applications include:
    • Rear fender (2)
    • Batt box (1)
    • Tool holder (1)
    • Oil tank (2)
    • Taillight bracket (1)
  • OEM Part Number 90480-14023 or 839-7731-00

$4.25ea (HVC20043)

Universal Bushing Metal Insert

Replace the rusted or missing Inserts with new.

Used with the universal bushing pictured to the left

$1.25ea (HVC20043-1)


Turn Signal Bushings

Use for the back signals

$6.00 (HVC20045)


Kick Start Rubber Cover

$4.99 (HVC20050)

Chain Guard Damper


$9.99 (HVC20047)


Shift Lever Rubber

$3.75 (HVC20051)


Speedometer Cable Guide


$11.25 (HVC20048)


Side Cover Dampers

Installs into the frame to secure the Right and left side covers

one kit required per side cover

$10.99 (HVC20049)


Fuel Petcock Reseal Kit
  • Application:  '76-'79  RD400
  • Kit includes:
    • Base gasket
    • Bowl O-ring
    • Selector O-ring
    • Selector spring
    • Screw head gaskets

$25.00  (HVC20052)
Rear Foot Peg

3 Options

Rubber Only
$5.00  (HVC20069)
Chrome Peg
$10.00 (HVC20070)
Foot Peg Assembly
$15.00 (HVC20071)
Oil Injection Pump Re-Seal Kit

1. Three internal pump seals, Large and small.
2. Engine side cover seal
3. Pump to side cover mating gasket and body gasket

$32.99 (HVC200103)


Amber or Red

Threaded stud mouted reflectors

$13.99 ea  (HVC20053 Amber, HVC20053-1 Red)



Forward Fuel Tank Mount Dampers

$15.00 (HVC20054)


Yamaha RD Front Brake Master Cylinder Boot

Fits all RDs

$8.75 (HVC20055)


Seat Hinge Clevis Pins

$11.99 (HVC20056)
Clevis Pin Clips
Set of Two
$2.50 (HVC20056-1)

Battery Strap

$13.99 (HVC20057)

Exhaust Silencer Screw Hole Plug

Plug fits in the exhaust pipe silencer  screw access hole. Set of 2

$12.95 (HVC20059)

Oil Injection Line and Clips

Oil Line
$5.50 ea (HVC20060)
Oil Line Clips
$4.25 ea  (HVC20058)

Transmission Dip Stick

$21.99 ea (HVC20061)


Bolt head Covers

Bolt caps for the handlebar clamps & meter assembly bolts

$3.25 ea  (HVC20063)

Fuel Tank Cap Seal

Replace the dried out seal with this HVCcycle original.

$20.00 (HVC20064-1)

Exhaust Mount Dampers
  • Rear exhaust pipe mounting dampers
  • Location:  Aft mounting bolts for the exhaust pipes

$12.99  (HVC20065)


Turn Signal Lens Gasket

$2.50 ea  (HVC20066)

Fuel Tank Mount Damper Kit

Includes 6 pieces

$25.50 (HVC20067K)


Forward Foot Peg Rubber

$ 21.99 (HVC20068)

Battery Box Damper Kit

$15.99 (HVC20075)


 Master Cylinder Cover

Fits  76-78 Rear Master

Click Here

Reservoir Cap Diaphragm
Fits  76-78 Rear Master

Click Here

Reservoir Diaphragm Bushing

Use with the brake diaphragm PN HVC20073


Click Here

Center Stand Bumper

Attached to left exhaust to prevent center stand from hitting exhaust pipes

$4.99  (HVC20074)


Generator Rotor Woodruff key

4mm X 13mm

Left hand side crank shaft   to generator rotor woodruff key

OEM Yamaha Part

$6.99 (90280-04005)

Yamaha Reproduction Mirrors

Click Here


Oil Injection Fill Cap with Gasket

$17.50 (HVC20079)

Oil Injection Cap Gasket

Gasket only


Oil Injection Tank Fill Manifold


$17.00 (360-21752-00-00)



Oil Injection Tank  Fill Pipe
Attaches to the oil injection tank and the fill manifold
$15.00 (360-21753-00-00)


Handle Bar Wire Tie
  • Get the authentic restoration look you need
  • Replace worn, faded, cracked or missing ties

$3.50 ea  (HVC20081) 


Brake Bleed Cap

Replace loose, torn or missing bleeder caps


$3.25 ea  (HVC20082)


Electrical Plate Grommet Kit

Grommet kit for the Electrical mounting plate under the right hand side cover

$9.99  (HVC20083)

Battery Vibration Band

Fits around the battery to keep the battery tight inside the battery box.

(battery not included)

$17.99 (HVC20084)



RD Tachometer Drive Reseal Kit
  • Reseal your leaking tachometer drive housing on the engine case
  • Kit includes 2 O-rings OEM P/N 93210-13016-00 & 93210-07100-00
  • Application:  R5, DS7, RD250, 350, 400 ('70-'79)

    $7.50 (HVC20088)

Neutral Wire Isolator

  • Replace your old or missing neutral wire isolator

  • Located under the L/H engine side cover

  • Applications

    • Fits all Yamaha 2 stroke twins 1970-1979,

    • Yamaha RZ 84-85

$3.50 (HVC200116)

Yamaha  250, 350, 400 Shift Shaft

click to enlarge

Reproduction Shift Shaft.


  • Yamaha R5, DS7 1970-1972

  • Yamaha RD250, RD350 1973-1975

  • Yamaha RD400 1976-1978

$69.99 (278-18101-01-00)


Yamaha RD400 and XS400 Shift lever.

  • OEM Yamaha Part

  • Direct replacement, comes as pictured

  • Order Part number HVC20051 for the rubber boot

  • Applications

    • RD400 1976-1978

    • XS360 1976-1977

    • XS400 1978-1982

    $48.95 (2l1-18111-00-00)


Yamaha RD 400 Air Cleaner Joint

  • No longer available from Yamaha
  • HVC reproduction item,
  • Guaranteed to fit like an original part
  • High quality molded rubber.
  • Fits 1976 to 1979 RD 250 and RD400 Models
  • Sold as a set of two.

$54.99 (1A0-14453-01-00)


Clutch Hub Lock Tab

  • HVCcycle Reproduction Item

  • Alternate Part Number 90215-18131-00

  • Applications

    • RD350LC 180-1982

    • RD400 1976-1979

    $4.99 (90215-20223-00)



Shifter Shaft Boot

  • Reproduction Part

  • Fits over the shift shaft under the left engine side cover.

  • Applications Yamaha

    • R5, DS7  70'-72'

    • TD3, TR3 1972

    • RD250, RD350 73'-75'

    • TZ250, TZ350 73'-80'

    • XS360 76'-77'

    • XS400 78'-81'

$12.95 (278-18131-00-00)


Indicator Dampers

Mounts between the Tachometer or Speedometer and the mounting bucket

Note: For the 1976-1978 RD400 the band is slightly larger than the original. The band will need to be cut down slightly and glued back together using super glue.

$22.95ea  (HVC20093)


Headlight Bucket / Front Turn Indicator Mounting Damper kit

This part has Changed

Please view item at www.hvccycle.net

Link below



Handle Bar Mount Peg Bushings

Inserts into the top Triple Clamp

Set of Four

$29.99 (HVC20096)



Yamaha RD 400 Rear Brake Reservoir Hose  

Yamaha has discontinued another part.
Replacement  Reservoir hose made to withstand all brake fluids.
Made to the correct size for the Yamaha rear master cylinder. Fits correct in the spring.
OD = .315in ID = .118in
$3.99 per ft (HVC20097)
Rear Brake Reservoir

Over time the original reservoir becomes old and brittle and will start to leak.





Rear Fender Damper Kit

Includes a set of (4) NOS Rear Fender Rubber Grommets for the rear fender.

$15.99 (HVC200101)

Tail Light Damper Kit

Includes both rubber dampers for the rear taillight bracket

$8.15  (HVC20080)


Throttle Tube

Replace your stiff, sticky, or broken throttle tube.

$12.95 (1GU-26243-00-00)

Check out our Grips


Neutral Switch O-Ring

$3.95 (93210-29196-00)



Neutral Switch

$21.95 (1L9-82540-00-00)

Oil Drain Plug / Shifter Tension Bolt

Can be used for either a replacement Drain Plug or the Shifter Tension Bolt.

$6.49 (90109-14385-00)



Oil Drain Plug Gasket
  • ID 14.5mm

  • OD 21mm

  • Use on either the drain plug or the shift tension bolt

$5.95ea (4f4-14766-00-00)



Oil Injection Nozzle

Reproduction Oil Injection Nozzle

Presses into the carburetors

  • Yamaha RD250, 350, 400 1973-1979
  • many other applications possible
$9.95ea (360-14333-00-00)


Yamaha RD400/ RD350LC Petcock

  • Reproduction Yamaha Part
  • Comes as pictured with base gasket
  • Two outlet (only one shown)
  • Three position, ON / OFF / RESERVE
  • Fits RD400 1976-1980. RD250/350LC 1980-1982

Click Here


Oil Injection Pump Block Off Plate

  • Use this kit when you remove the oil injection pump to run Pre-mix.

  • Block off plate is made from 0.080 inch aluminum that has been laser cut to the exact size of the oil pump mating surface.

  • Includes the Plate and a gasket.

$9.99 (HVC200111)

Rear Wheel Drive Dampers
  • HVC Original
  • Installs into the rear cast aluminum wheel
  • Specifically made due to customer requests

$81.99 (HVC200104)


Fork Dust Boots 34mm

Click Here 


Yamaha Counter shaft Nut

Fits RD 250.350,400, R5, DS7 1970-1979


Side Stand Spring

Fits RD 250.350,400, R5, DS7 1970-1979

$13.99 (90507-25023)


Yamaha Crankcase Breather

$6.49 (583-15371-00-00)



Battery Box Damper Kit

$15.99 (HVC20075)



Reservoir Hose Spring

Click to enlarge

  • Prevents hose kinks

  • Replace your rusted spring with a new spring.

  • No longer available from Yamaha.

  • Made to factory specs.

$8.10 (90501-10406)



Steering Stem Nut



Replaces Yamaha Part Number 90179-25033-00

$9.99 (HVC20092)

RD400 Engine Mount Damper kit

  • Reproduction Engine mount dampers

  • Contains the following dampers, 8 total

    • 1A1-15316-00-00 (4)

    • 1A1-15326-00-00 (2)

    • 1A1-15336-00-00 (2)

$135.99 (MK256)

Yamaha Kick Starter Kit

Includes Spring, Ball Washer and Retainer Clip


  • R5, DS7

  • RD250/350/400 1973-1979

  • Other Early Model Yamahas

  • HVC Billet Aluminum Kick Starter

$ 9.99 (HVC20046A)

Swing Arm Pivot Bolt Lockwasher

  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Fits Yamaha RD 400

$5.50 (1A0-22149-00-00)

Clutch Push Rod

The Clutch push rod wears over time creating a leak around the seal. The push rod is no longer available from Yamaha.  Replace your worn or bent push rod with A HVC reproduction push rod.  Made to exact factory specs.

$21.49 (328-16357-00-00)



Oil Injection Line Guide

  • HVC Reproduction Item
  • Fits into the left side cover
  • Replace your hard dried out guide with our new guide.
  • Fits Yamaha R5, DS7,RD350, RD400

$9.00 (HVC200118)

Oil Injection Line Block Off Plug

  • HVC Signature Item
  • Block off the gap when you remove the oil injection pump and hoses
  • Fits into the left side cover.
  • Fits Yamaha R5, DS7,RD350, RD400

 $11.35 (HVC200118-1)

Yamaha Chain Tensioner Bolt Set

Replacement Chain Tensioner

Includes: Two - 8 x 1.25 x 5mm bolts with a 10mm head
Two-8 x 1.25 nuts 12mm wrench

Two Bolt Sets Per Package

$5.99 (HVC200121)


Oil Tank Hose

This is the oil tank hose that attaches to the bottom of the oil tank and runs to the oil injection pump. The line is the correct size for the side cover grommet.

Fits the following
  • RD250/400 76-79

$13.95 (90445-09122-00)

Speedometer/ Tachometer Mounting kit

Contains All new grommets and hardware for the speedometer and tachometer to be mounted  in the bucket and on to the motorcycle.

$33.50 (HVC200123)

Rear Fender / Grab Rail Damper

Attaches to the rear fender to dampen the rear grab bar

Replaces Yamaha Part Numbers 341-216380-00-00 and 1A2-21638-00-00

$7.99 (341-21638-00-00)

Yamaha Fork Clip & Washer Kit

Kit Contains
  • Yamaha DS7/ R5 1970-1972
  • Yamaha  RD250/ 350 1973-1975
  • Yamaha RD400 1976-1978
  • Any other early Yamaha with 34mm forks

$11.99 (HVC200130)

Yamaha RD400 Seat Pan Bumper Kit

Includes 5 Rubber Bumpers

Fits RD400 1976-1978

$24.99 (HVC200120)

Yamaha RD400 Battery Box Dampener Set

  • Reproduction dampers, exact copy of the original Yamaha dampers

  • Made from high quality fuel and heat resistant rubber

  • Dampers are used to secure the battery box.

  • Applications

    • Yamaha RD400 1977-1980

  • Sold as a set of 2

$12.99 (1A0-21746-01-00)

Yamaha RD/ TZ  Bearing Plate/Cover

  • Reproduction Plate, exact copy of the original Yamaha part

  • Made from 14 Gauge Steel

  • Applications

    • 1973-1975 Yamaha RD250/ RD350 A/B

    • 1976-1980 Yamaha RD400 C/D/E/F/G

    • 1976-1980 Yamaha TZ250/TZ350 C/D/E/F/G

$9.99 (360-17471-00-00)

Steering Stem Nut



Replaces Yamaha Part Number 90179-25033-00

$9.99 (HVC20092)

Footrest Bracket Damper Set, RD400

  • RD400 1976-1978

  • HVCcycle reproduction part

  • No longer available from Yamaha

  • Set of four, to mount one foot peg bracket

$39.95 (1A0-27414-00-00)



Yamaha Rear Indicator Mounting Kit

Kit Contains







  • Yamaha  RD250/ 350 1973-1975

  • Yamaha RD400 1976-1979

$50.00 (MK258)

Yamaha RD 400 Allen Head Engine Side Cover Bolt Kit
  • Stainless Steel bolts

  • Includes bolts for both the L/H and R/H Engine Side Covers (4 covers)

  • Applications

    • Yamaha RD400 1976-1980

    • Yamaha RD250 European 1976-1980

$19.95 (HVC200134-1)
Yamaha RD 400 Phillips Screw Engine Side Cover Kit
  • Zinc Coated Phillips Head Screws

  • Includes bolts for both the L/H and R/H Engine Side Covers (4 covers)

  • Applications

    • Yamaha RD400 1976-1980

    • Yamaha RD250 European 1976-1980

$24.95 (HVC200135-1)
Brake Caliper Pistons

HVC Reproduction Caliper Pistons

  • Made from stainless steel so they will never pit and rust around the seals again

  • 48mm x 17.15mm

  • If you are not satisfied with our pistons we will offer a full refund.

  • Highest quality with the best price.


Found on various Yamaha models from 1971 to 1978

$43.25 set of 2 (HVC200106)

Cylinder Head Fin Absorbers

Cylinder Head Fin Absorbers, Pack of 10

  • Reduces cylinder head fin vibration and noise
  • No longer available from Yamaha,  OEM part # 278-11161-01-00 or 521-11161-01-00
  • sold as a pack of 10
  • Applications
    • R5/DS7 70'-72
    • RD250/350/400 73'-78'
    • other applications possible

$15.99 (521-11161-01-00)

Cylinder Fin Absorbers


Cylinder  Fin Absorbers, Set of 4

  • Reduces cylinder vibration and noise
  • No longer available from Yamaha, HVC reproduction item.
  • sold as a set of 4
  • Applications

    RD400 76'-80'

    Will fit the Daytona Special

    other applications possible


RD Fuel Cap With Keys

  • Reproduction locking fuel cap assembly

  • Includes the seal and vent assembly and 2 keys

  • Applications

    RD400 1976-1978, 1A0-24602-00-00

    RD125DX  1E7-24602-00-00



Yamaha Head Light / Indicator Mounting Kit

This part has Changed

Please view item at www.hvccycle.net

Link below



Points Cam

Ignition Point Cam

  • Replace your worn or rusted cam with a new cam.

  • The finish is a hard anodized, then heat treated and glass beaded


  • Yamaha RD400 1976-1979

$29.95 (1A0-81651-20-00)


RD400 Rear Wheel Bearing Bushing

This bushing fits inside the left rear wheel bearing on the RD400. 1976-1979



Yamaha RD Billet Aluminum Dip Stick

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

  • Fully CNC machined handle and stem.

  • Stem made from stainless steel.

  • Handle has safety wire holes, knob is clear anodized, and includes o-ring.

  • Replaces Yamaha O.E.M. part number: 360-15363- 01-00 & 278-15363-00-00

  • Applications

    • 70-72 R5, 71-72 DS

    • 73-75 RD250, RD350

    • 76-79 RD400

    Click Here

RD400 Exhaust Downpipe Rubber Connector Kit

  • Reproduction Parts, Fits and looks like the original.

  • Fits all the RD400's 1976-1979

  • Replace your cracked or missing exhaust Joint.

  • High Quality molded rubber with a heat resistant sleeve

  • Kit contains

    Rubber connector with 2 stainless steel springs x2

    Gaskets x2

$90.95 (MK243)


OEM Yamaha RD400 Exhaust Joint


  • Fits all the RD400's 1976-1979

  • Replace your cracked or missing exhaust Joint.

  • High Quality molded rubber with a heat resistant sleeve

  • Spring bands included

  • Original Yamaha Part

$106.86 (1A1-14615-02-00)

Exhaust Joint Spring Band

Click to enlarge

  • Fits the above exhaust joint

  • 2 required

$6.95ea (278-14456-00-00)



Brake Pad Anti Vibration Shims

Set of 2

Fits the following

RD250 1975 F
RD350 1973-75 F
RD400 1976-78 F/R
TX500 1973-74
TX650 1973-74
TX750 1973-74
XS1 /XS2 Disk Brake
XS500 1975
XS650 1975-76
TZ250 1976-78, 81-82, 96
TZ350 1976-77
TZ750 1974


$9.95 (HVC200138)

Yamaha Steering Lock Cover Kit

Great for any restoration.

  • Includes: Chrome cap, Spring, Rivet, and washer.

  • Fits. All Yamaha RD's  many XS models, and more.

  • Yamaha Part Number for the cap only is 584-23484-01-00




Instrument Bulb Holder

  • No longer available from Yamaha
  • HVC reproduction item,
  • Direct plug in or splice in where needed
  • High quality molded rubber.
  • Fits all Yamaha's from 1970 to the late 80's
$5.99ea (360-83131-03-00)
Lights and Lenses

Electrical Connectors


Ignitions & Coils


Swing arm Bushings, Steering Bearings